Docmate addresses a gap and provides specific services to companies to manage their head aches and pains of normal day to day operations as well as management consulting services. It caters to those companies that do not have the internal resources and capabilities to implement HR and IT solutions and services, whilst facilitating economy of scale, operational excellence and sustainability.

Docmate has a diverse team of seasoned, hands-on and strategic experts having between 5 and 25 years delivery, management and consulting experience to assist clients to implement transformational and innovative practices. The drivers are insight, foresight, client specific blueprints and results.

Docmate helps to transform ideas into action through global experience and with local knowledge.

We offer Powerful Features

DHA & HAAD Compliant which is complete solution for small/large clinics and medical centres. Docmate ensures the integration of billing & registration, pharmacy, diagnostics, eclaims, eprescription insurance modules seamlessly across departments. All specilaity case sheets available for the doctors

Patient Management

As the patient progresses through the continuum of care a shared electronic record is developed, containing all of the required information on a patient’s progress. Relevant information is then made available to assist with scheduling efficiency and delivering increased productivity

Appointment Scheduler

The diary is the hub of your daily clinic life and Docmate reflects this by giving you immediate access to clinical and accounts information directly from each appointment. The diary is set up to suit your exact schedule without being limited to fixed appointment times or durations. Confirmations and reminder are sent automatically via SMS or E-Mail to suit individual client's preferences


Your fully audited consultation notes can be quickly recorded using a variety of methods from simple typing through to touch screen quick notes, selecting from a comprehensive library of assessment and other forms, or annotating charts and pictures - you can even take pictures or video on the spot using a webcam or camera.

Lab & Inventory

You can manage your lab service using the Master Management which consists of all the important management systems and your diagnosis management. Inventory consists of Material management which assists you in keeping track of your Supplies, items, purchases, payments, all in one.



eClaims application in Docmate enables the integration of eclaim / eprescription services that connects with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Health Authority Of Abu Dhabi (HAAD).

Providing “top-notch” customer service and support is of utmost importance to us. Docmate will empower you to focus on revenue generating activities and help you to bring your practice to new heights.

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